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Experience the thrill of canyoning near Edinburgh and Glansgow with our small-group tours. Led by experienced guides, you'll explore waterfalls, gorges, and rapids in a safe and fun environment.

Dollar Glen

This magical glen offers an enchanting outdoor activity suitable for couples, families, or small groups. Set against the majestic backdrop of Castle Campbell, this ancient chasm of volcanic rock is one of Scotland's finest and most accessible canyoning adventures. Its appeal lies in the variety of jumps, slides, and abseils, all accessible from a well-maintained footpath. This makes it suitable not only for experienced canyoneers but also for beginners, families, and adventure seekers alike. Within an hour from Edinburgh, Glasgow, or Fife, Dollar Glen provides a fantastic half-day experience or, when combined with Alva Glen, a truly epic adventure weekend. go to Dollar Glen location page to find out more

Alva Glen

Alva Glen is deep, steep, and wild. The adventure begins in the upper section, descending through Smuggler's Cave into a magnificent chasm and a series of spectacular waterfall challenges. Often described as the next level, you'll appreciate the skills learned and experience gained from a descent in Dollar Glen to conquer the thundering challenges of Alva Burn. go to Alva Glen location page to find out more

Brucefield Estate
Recommended Stay Near Dollar or Alva

Brucefield Estate: Recommended Stay Near Dollar or Alva

Just a short drive from Dollar and Alva Glen, Schenbothies offer a wild and idyllic retreat near some of our favourite canyoning spots. These eco-friendly cabins, styled in a blend of Scandinavian and Scottish design, are our premier accommodation recommendation for couples seeking both serenity and excitement. After a day...Read Full Article

Why Choose Us for Canyoning Adventures in Scotland?

 Small Groups: We believe in providing a personal touch to your adventure. Our experiences are limited to a maximum of six guests per guide, ensuring you receive individual attention and make lasting connections with fellow adventurers.

We run shared group adventures with no more than 6 guests
Learn more about small group canyoning in Scotland

We offer private adventures for individuals, couples, families or larger groups
Learn more about private canyoning in Scotland

 Expert Leadership and Experience: Our leadership stands apart due to vast global experience and a deep passion for adventure. We bring a wealth of knowledge from a broad spectrum of activities across multiple continents. This diverse expertise enriches our guiding approach, enabling us to offer unique insights tailored to each adventurer. We devote time to providing comprehensive instruction and dedicated support, focusing on empowering you with the skills necessary for a true canyoning adventure. learn more about us

 Premium Equipment: We place utmost importance on your safety and comfort.That's why we provide only the highest quality equipment for all our adventures. Our gear is meticulously maintained and regularly updated to ensure the best possible experience. By using premium equipment, we enhance your safety, comfort, and enjoyment, allowing you to focus fully on the thrill and beauty of your canyoning adventure in Scotland.

We'll provide:
★ Best quality canyoning boots and socks
★ A 5mm thick two-piece canyoning wetsuit
★ Extra neoprene layers if it's cold, and gloves if desired
★ A helmet, harness, and all other technical equipment necessary

 Free Photos and Video: We understand that memories are invaluable. That's why we offer both free photography and video services during your adventure. Our team is passionate about capturing the thrilling moments of your journey, ensuring you can relive the excitement for years to come. We'll snap as many photos as you like and also create a professionally edited video of your canyoning experience.

 Local Pick-Up: This complimentary service is offered for private trips, ensuring a smooth and worry-free experience. Please note that it is subject to the availability of our vehicle.

Using our 7-seater vehicle:

For Full Day Private Adventures: If requested, we'll pick you up en route and drop you off on the way home. We'll extend the journey to your accommodation anywhere within a 30-mile radius of the meeting point.

For Half Day Private Adventures: If requested, we'll arrange for a pick-up and drop-off at your accommodation within a 15-mile radius of the meeting point.

For Shared Adventures: If you ask us for help getting to the meeting point, we'll advise on public transport options and help you with a pick-up from the nearest town or village.

For Larger Groups & Longer Transfers: We'll happily recommend the best and most trusted local options for a seamless journey.

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