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Alva Glen View on Canyoning and biking adventure holiday in Clackmannanshire, Scotland, near Edinburgh and Glasgow

Wild Clackmannanshire
True adventure is closer than you think

Discover a hidden gem for outdoor activities in central Scotland and unleash your spirit of Adventure. Enjoy Some of Scotlands best and most accessible canyoning adventures, revel in the range of trails for mountain bikers of all levels and take in a spectacular array of waterfalls, rushing burns and beautiful glens.

Just an hour from Edinburgh or Glasgow, near Stirling, lie the ancient Ochil Hills in Clackmannanshire. Formed around 400 million years ago, these hills are a spectacular wedge of volcanic rock towering over the Forth Valley. The steep, south-facing slopes are home to cascading burns carving deep chasms between spectacular peaks. Emerging from the last Ice Age, the Ochils unveiled themselves as a haven for the present-day adventure seeker.

Short Adventure Breaks in Scotland
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Brucefield Estate
A luxurious and adventurous escape

From the high ground of the Ochils, looking over the Forth Valley towards the mighty River Forth, one can spot a vibrant patch of dark green: the tranquil oasis of Brucefield Estate. Its wild and enchanting forest is where we start our adventure and our eventual retreat after exhilarating descents through the glens by wheel and water. This is more than your average adventure holiday in the UK; it's a journey into the wild, remarkably accessible yet untamed.

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Stylish, comfortable, and cozy in a magical forest setting

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Dollar Glen Canyoning
A fun outdoor adventure activity for all

Slicing deep into the backdrop of Castle Campbell is the enchanting chasm of basalt rock known as Dollar Glen. This adventure is packed with fun features, making it the perfect introduction to canyoning and an ideal outdoor activity for couples and families. Dollar Glen offers action to suit every level of adventure seeker, providing an enchanted journey through an ancient, hidden world.

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Scotland's ideal adventure for couples and families

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Mountain Biking Adventures In the Ochil Hills

Hidden within these rolling hills lie some amazing riding spots. From tackling the Ochils Skyline ridges to steep descents into the Forth Valley, gravel journeys across, and steep and technical singletrack, there is something here for everyone. Even the low-level cycle trails are adorned with historic spots, narrow wooded trails, and plenty of cafés too. However, you want to incorporate riding into your trip, we'll tailor your experience to ensure you see the best of Clackmannanshire, riding in the style you prefer.

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Alva Glen Canyoning
A unique adventure experience in Scotland

Following a Dollar Glen experience, the next level is Alva Glen. A deep, steep, and committing canyoning descent through an inaccessible gorge awaits. Take on exhilarating waterfall abseils and swim through magnificent pools only seen by canyoners on a thrilling adventure.

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